Under the Hemlock Cabins

atlanta datingNow take a minute, and imagine the perfect romantic getaway, not far from Atlanta, and that’s relatively easy on the wallet. Picture a cozy little primitive style cabin with hardwood floors, a big comfortable bed, and ice cold A/C during the summer, or cozy heater during the winter.

Now picture that little cabin with a private little covered porch with a tin roof, and with a picnic table outside, fire pit, and grill for the perfect cookout. Now with that cabin nestled away into deep forest with great forest shade at oh say around $60.00 for the night.

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Sunset at Amicalola Lodge

Now lets add to this little cabin a Georgia sightseeing jewel located a mere 1-mile down the street called Amicalola Falls. Lets not stop there, lets add perfect walking and or hiking trails, great photo opportunities, and probably one of the best dining scenery’s offered anywhere in the state of Georgia, and you almost have this date.

Lets throw in some dinner dining choices such as a cheap BBQ, hot dog, or hamburger lunch at the camp store right by your cabin, or a excellent choice of a breakfast, lunch, and or dinner buffet at a insanely fair price, enjoyed from high atop of a mountain watching the sunset or sunrise if you so choose. You can also opt to bring food for the perfect romantic peaceful and quiet cookout on the cabins furnished grills (You supply your own charcoal and fluid)

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View from the dining room at Amicalola Lodge

Lets not stop there. What if you and your date want to cast in for some nice large rainbow trout at Devils Elbow, a trout river area just down the street from your cabin known for it’s large rainbow trout.

The cabins are called Under The Hemlock, and they are located just 1-mile down the street from the scenic Amicalola Falls. The cabins are cozy little one bedroom romantic rustic / primitive style cabins. The cabins are adorable, and each cabin shares a bathhouse as opposed to having individual showers in each cabin.

Each cabin has a microwave and refrigerator, and food prep area along with a nice large indoor and outdoor wooden picnic table. There is a nice ceiling fan in each cabin keeping the air circulating for that perfect breeze. These cabins with their rustic décor, which creates an almost magic deep forest, feel. There are also tent sites available should you desire to bring a tent. Every guest gets fresh sheets upon arrival, but are required to bring their own blankets and pillows.

The bathhouse is extremely clean, warm, and comfortable with nice piping hot water. Each cabin has ice cold A/C for summer stays, and a cozy heater for those cold romantic winter evenings. Trust me when I say that you and your significant other will sleep like babies.

This is an ultimate little relatively low budget getaway for you and that someone special.

See HD Virtual Tour…

Under The Hemlock Cabins…
5545 Highway 52
Dawsonville, GA 30534

Budgeting prices:
Cabin $60.00
Lunch at the cabins store for two approx. $10.00
Meals at the Amicalola Falls Lodge:
Breakfast Buffet $6.95 each
Lunch Buffet $8.49 each
Dinner Buffet $10.95 each
Parking at Amicalola Falls $5.00 per car (Not required if your just going to the lodge to eat)

Two people could easily enjoy this entire one night two-day trip for less than $150.00

Keep in mind…
Bring your blankets and pillows
2) If you want to cookout, bring your charcoal and grill; foods can be kept in the cabins refrigerators
3) The nearest spot for breakfast other than the Lodge at Amicalola Falls is 15 miles away in Dawsonville, Ga., so if your not wanting to do the breakfast buffet at the lodge, either bring some breakfast items to cookout, or opt for about a 40 minute round trip drive into town for your breakfast.

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