Stone Mountain Laser Light Show

atlanta datingVisiting the Stone Mountain Laser Light Show make for a perfect romantic Atlanta Date Idea. Bring a blanket to lay out on the lawn, or a few chairs, and enjoy the evening as the sunsets, the crowd grows, and the Stone Mountain Park puts on one of the largest and most stunning Laser Light Shows in the world.

The theme is true southern. The music is southern, and most the folks that attend are true southerners. The light show is put on with spectacular multimedia effect and graphics drawn by laser lights over the carvings of the world famous Stone mountain as well as fireworks to add to the overall experience. There is a ton of stuff all over the entire Stone Mountain Park, as well as activities just adjacent to the lawn area where the laser light show is held, so show up early.

There are plenty of food and drink options, small gift shops and attractions here, enough to take up a full day and more, so if you get here early, you won’t get bored at all waiting for the show to began.


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