Sprewell Bluff – Hiking

sprewell bluffThis is an excellent adventurous dating idea just south of Atlanta. Sprewell Bluff is located just outside of Thomaston Georgia. This is a excellent spot to add if you’re driving the Meriwether – Pike Georgia Scenic Bypass. Sprewell Bluff is just a short detour drive off of the Scenic Bypass.

The trail is mostly shaded, and splits into a few different routes; also, a good portion of the trail has a great view along the Flint River.

The park area has several picnic tables, and the portion of the river is shallow enough and clear enough to enjoy playing in on a hot day. The highest view point is not part of the actual designated hiking area, but just a short drive outside of the main park area.

This is a perfect place to spend a day hiking, picnicking, cooking out, canoeing, kayaking, and just enjoying a great spring or summer day.

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