Marietta Square

atlanta datingMarietta Square is a nice old style town square right in the heart of Marietta just minutes off of I-75 The small town is full of unique and very romantic diners, restaurants, and small cafes most of which offer artsy style inside dining as well as street side patio dining.

The general make up of people range from the mildly hip artsy type to the ritzy jet setter types. Probably one of the most popular resturants there is MPC (Marietta Pizza Company) This pizza spot takes up almost an entire corner of the small town.

There is plenty to do here to keep you and your date occupied for several hours. There are a couple of small theatres, a handful of specialty shops, an antiques store, and a few art studios and galleries. The center of the square has a small park with large trees and park benches, so if you and your date prefer, you have a perfect spot to just sit, relax, take in the views. The park is a perfect place for quiet simple conversation.

Several events are held throught the year such as the Grass Roots Music Festival that brings a fair amount of locals out to enjoy. But even during special events, there is ample parking, minimal traffic, and minimal over crowding.

Make sure and check the Marietta Square main website for the calendar of upcoming events


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