Little Five Points

atlanta datingHere is a place in Atlanta to take a date that’s guaranteed to entertain, and spark great conversation between you and your significant other. I call it the 60’s hippie generation time capsule. If you don’t believe the hippie generation has somehow renewed itself into 2010, just bring your date to Little 5 Points.

There are a dozen or so of very exotic shops full of anything and everything ranging from new age paraphernalia such as crystals, to clothing sure to make anyone more hip, to old record albums to posters of days gone by (i.e Woodstock, Jimi Hendrix etc.), and book stores full of specialty and out of print books.

Mix the very strange shopping experience with some really good food served up with the option of dining in some dim lit little hip café’s or out on the patios that are perfect for people watching, and you have the formula for an outstanding and very entertaining experience for you and your date.

dating atlantaIf you think your date does not see you as being hip, a date here will reflect your hip side in a big way. Little five points is literally a place of exploration into the strange, and as night falls, the atmosphere gets more and more strange. The best hours to be here are between around five pm, till around ten pm. After about ten oclock at night, the place can start to get a bit dark and strange, but during prime time, you have a great mix of college students, street performers, and Atlanta yuppies which keeps the atmosphere upbeat, bright, and almost comical.

There are a few spots such as the Vortex, and the Star Bar, which offers live entertainment varying from acoustic rock to heavy metal. Depending on the evening you go, you can see anything from street performers, artists, homeless artists selling their wares, and even at times see preachers standing amongst them all preaching the word of God in an attempt to save their lost souls. Lets just say that there are evenings at Little Five Points that can get very strange and deep.


Most of the restaurants are geared towards the low budget college and artsy crowd with meals for two at either the Little 5 Pizza restaurant or the Village Coffee House sandwiches running around twenty bucks tops, so the dining especially considering the great atmosphere is relatively cheap, but the food is always excellent.

Strolling around all the little shops, interacting with the street performers, and artists, eating dinner, and just sitting out on one of the many dimly lit patios chatting with your date, makes this date about a four to five hour attraction. I have taken dates here, had an absolute romantic and introspective evening that lasted around five hours, and spent less than twenty bucks for dinner, and even a excellent desert.

Little Five Points is an excellent spot especially for first time dates. All the creative energy at this place can keep even a boring date that in some atmospheres may not go so well flowing with interest. Even with all the activity surrounding this place, there are still little corners around the dining areas which allow you and your date a decent level of privacy and quietness.

This date is one for the camera. You can quickly fill up a SD card of wild pictures at this place.

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