Lake Meriwether

lake meriwetherThis lake within itself is not much of a getaway, but when you combine it with a really neat budget friendly old cottage style inn, a few antique shops in the small town, and a excellent local home cookin country restaurant, you have a excellent road trip getaway on the cheap.

For starters, the lake is absolutely clean and beautiful; it’s a huge 150-acre lake that stays full, even during the summer. There are a handful of nice shaded picnic table over looking the lake, and a large pavilion as well as a large baseball field for groups.

For the couple that loves to fish, there are trophy size crappie pulled out of here all the time some as large as 4lbs, and one large mouth bass I know of at 12lbs, along with some large brim and bluegill.

This lake is definitely under fished and plentiful. There is a boat ramp, but electric motors only.

The lake is open from sunrise to sunset, and there is a $2.00 fishing fee per person, but it is not one of these little stocked pay to fish ponds, this is a very large lake, and the $2.00 is for county maintenance.

But again, this is a multi faceted trip. I stayed at the little cottage inn down the street for $30.00 flat no taxes, no extra fees just $30.00 cash. Then there are two little eating spots.

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Special Note: There is a bait store called Rana Express just down from the lake that sales crappie minnows, crickets, and worms here’s thier info…
Rana Express
12340 Whitehouse Pkwy.
Woodbury, Ga. 30293
(706) 553-2681

See HD Video:

Lake Meriwether
728 Lake Meriwether Road
Woodbury, GA 30293

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