Doc Manget Memorial Aviation Park

atlanta parksThis is one of those little known Atlanta parks that make for a perfect free spot to take a date. These days it seems as though every place that’s perfect to take a date for a nice outdoor evening is closed by sundown. This is a shame, and leaves evening romantic outdoor spots darn near impossible to find.

There is and has always been something romantic about airplanes, and seeing these big birds takeoff and land. You will get this at this Atlanta Park.

Here’s the general setting. There is a small concrete bleacher area for excellent viewing, there is a small pavilion with picnic tables, and restrooms, there are a few uncovered picnic tables, and a really nice kids playground.

The park sets right at the base of the FHA control tower, and there are speakers mounted outdoors which allow visitors to hear conversations between the flight tower, and the pilots, which really adds to the entire experience.

This spot just gets more romantic as evening sets, and the runway lights up in a dazzling array of multi colored lights, and a mild city lit up city line just beyond the runway area.

atlanta parksSitting out here at night watching the big planes takeoff, land, and taxi to their hangers makes for a very unique dating spot, and the best parts is that it’s free, easily accessible, and as far as I know, you ca sit out there all night should you desire to do so.

Also just next to the park is the Downwinds Restaurant. Great food, budget friendly, and offers an incredible environment with a upper level dining deck which also overlooks the park.



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