Cotton Picking Fair Gay Ga.

atlanta datingIf you and your date love country fairs, flea markets, small Georgia towns, and yard sales, this is a biannual event you do not want to miss. Between the festivals, and the yard sales, you really need to get an early start to see and do everything.

This festival held south of Atlanta in Gay Ga., beyond your regular small town festivals offers a few unique experiences.

For starters, you actually get two festivals in one, the Cotton Picking Festival, and the Shady Days in Gay arts and crafts festival just across the street from one another. Both festivals have art and craft exhibits, live entertainment, and festival style food options such as BBQ, turkey legs, hot dogs, cotton candy, and the list goes on. The Shady Days in Gay Festival is Free. There is a small fee for the Cotton Picking Festival, but the festival a bit larger.

One thing that really sets this festival apart from other small town festivals is the collection of yard sales you pass going from the Fayetteville or Peachtree City area, to the festival.

atlanta date ideasThere are miles and miles of yard sales along the way. There are so many yard sales it would be almost impossible to stop at every one of them and really shop before the day ends. A few of the small churches along the way get in on the action with yard sales of their own, and cooking up some of the best open grill BBQ and fish plates you have ever tasted. Many of the folks that hold the large yard sales collect wares throughout the year just for this event, and believe me; you can find some real deals on anything from useful common items, to collectibles you could probably not find anywhere else. So if you’re a picker, or Ebay reseller, do not miss this chance to stock up o some real inventory.

This definetly fits in the category of a  fun Atlanta Dating activity.


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