Stone Mountain Chili Cookoff

atlanta datingThis is an annual event held at Stone Mountain Park. If you’re looking for some true good old southern fun to take a date, don’t miss out on this event. Lets just say it’s a true gathering of Georgia finest most unique red necks and good old boys. There is instant obvious pride in all things south at this event, everything from the rebel flag, to southern rock music, to beer, chili, and Brunswick stew.

Chili makers from all over vie for the prize of best chili, and or the most extravagant and unique booths from which it is served. Booth themes run from redneck trailer park heavens, to heavy metal rock, to haunted.

There is a fairly large concert event with cover bands performing cover songs ranging from Led Zeppelin, to Lynyrd Skynrd, to Bon Jovi. There are even tribute bands that perform just music from one band such as Zoho, which is a Led Zeppelin tribute band.

With this event being held in September every year gives a nice mild weather day to walk around the mass of chili booths, fill up on chili and beer, and kick back in your chair, or lay out on a blanket to enjoy some good live music, and watch true southern folks in action. The attendees are as much an attraction as anything.

This Atlanta Dating Idea has no romantic value whatsoever, but if your looking for just a fun place to take a date, don’t miss out on this one.

Nearby Stuff:
Stone Mountain Village
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Stone Mountain Park
1000 Robert E. Lee Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
770.498.5690 or 800.401.2407

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